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Financial Education... but different.

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About Me

About us

Welcome to Financial Wellness Planning, LLC. Locally, some of you may know me as the Perk Place Guy. Those that do not know me, I am the Co-Owner of a coffee shop in my community, Perk Place Coffee Company, LLC.

Coffee was actually NOT my first love, despite my last name being Coffey. My true passion is Finance and helping others better their Financial Wellness. This may lead some of you to ask, “What does this guy know about Finance? He makes coffee for a living.” Let me explain.

I graduated from Virginia Tech in 2010 with a degree in Finance. I spent the next four years in the US Army as an Intelligence Analyst. After the Army, I landed my first job in the financial services industry as an Advisor Assistant (paper-pusher). I fell in love. The look of joy on clients’ faces as they received the answer to their most pressing financial questions was infectious. During my tenure, I spent time in Financial Services, Home/Auto Insurance, Life Insurance, and Commercial Insurance. This experience has given me a well-rounded knowledge of the items necessary for personal financial well-being.

Financial education can be considered mundane, but there is power in knowledge, especially when it comes to money. Helping others understand that they can get out of the financial hole they are in excites me and creates fulfillment. My hope is that FwP can be a resource for you to learn about money and realize that financial wellness does not have to be difficult.

Welcome to something different,


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